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Donate to Nurture Someone in Mom's Name!

Give mom something genuine & thoughtful this year.

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This year above all years, our mothers deserve something special. Moms have gone through so much and they deserve some love this upcoming Mother's Day. If you are looking for a great idea on how to honor the nurturing love and support that mom gave you, then Farm Share has an amazing opportunity for you!!

Touch mom's heart and put a smile on her face -wherever she may be- by placing a small donation in her name in order to feed those who are in need. Farm Share is serving millions of Floridians in need this year and your small donation (5$ - 15$) can make a HUGE difference in someone's life!

Send us mom's name and we will place it on our website for the remainder of the month of May in order to honor her. You can send mom a link on Mother's Day to show her that you nurtured someone in her name. Donate and leave us mom's name in the notes section!!

Make mom happy and place a small donation in her name today!!